The Penally Camp Massacre

Well. We had Dowsongate. We had Kraussgate. Now, ladies and gents, if indeed, I’m still allowed to address you that way, welcome to Penallygate. I’m still in shock from reading the comments. Literally, shock. I knew that Pembrokeshire was, how you say, sheltered, a little misinformed, a little behind the times, a little bit setContinue reading “The Penally Camp Massacre”

Judas, Must You Betray Me With A Kiss…?

You know when you talk to right wing people about socialism and they start going on about socialists wanting free stuff all the time? Well. I’ve been on a little bit of a research mission during the Covid crisis, keeping my ear to the ground for little evidences of selfishness. It wasn’t my intention toContinue reading “Judas, Must You Betray Me With A Kiss…?”