To Vax or not to Vax. That is not the Question.

I think it was second year Biology when we learned about Jenner and played with petri dishes. We learned about Pasteur and milkmaids. We learned about how vaccinations came to be. We learned about all the illnesses that they eradicated. We learned of all the kids that were saved from smallpox and polio. I rememberContinue reading “To Vax or not to Vax. That is not the Question.”

Just Another Manic Monday (Tuesday, Wednesday, etc…)

You know I went to Brum a couple of weeks back? And I stayed in a hotel? With indoor facilities and a heater? Well, after a rather pleasant drive home to the hills of Wales in the fading sunlight and reaching home as dark fell.. I switched on the light, only to find that theContinue reading “Just Another Manic Monday (Tuesday, Wednesday, etc…)”

Danger? Just Capitalism, Darling.

I’ve seen some anti Covid vaccination people online today, declaring that they’re going to get their flu jab. On the other hand. I’ve seen people also stating that all vaccinations are bad. I talk about eradicating smallpox, and that makes me a government stooge. Everyone has a stance on the Covid conspiracy. But there’s noContinue reading “Danger? Just Capitalism, Darling.”