Black Pill

This news about studies showing serotonin is nothing to do with depression and everyone jumping on the SSRIs are a myth thing is interesting. As someone who relies on these pills to not drive off the Cleddau bridge, and in order to deal with my “diagnosed” conditions, I find the knee jerk reaction to theContinue reading “Black Pill”


It’s Not What You Know….

729 new houses in Slade Lane have just got planning permission. A new service station, all the stuff to go with a development of that size.. roads.. whatever. Originally this was on condition of 25% affordable homes being built. Now, somehow, that’s not the case, and the planning has been approved by our beloved councilContinue reading “It’s Not What You Know….”

Ice Cream… Lolly Pops…

Ok, imagine. You apply for a job. Interview goes well. You’re negotiating some start dates and boom, the employer asks if you’re double vaxxed. This happened to me recently. I replied that I wasn’t. His staff were worried about me working with them, as they had all been double jabbed. I declined the job, becauseContinue reading “Ice Cream… Lolly Pops…”

In a World of Kardashians, be a Kardashian…

Yeh yeh ok.. AOC’s dress. We’ve all seen it now. In law enforcement, they call that a clue. The comments have been interesting, as always at these times of dressed up revolution that isn’t revolution. Tax the rich. Sounds good. And yes, we should. But why don’t we? Could her dress have said something like,Continue reading “In a World of Kardashians, be a Kardashian…”

Mutiny in the County

Three Tenby restaurants have had to close due to staff shortages, the Western Telegraph reports today. Shall we do a little bit of analysis? A few predictable comments have instantly said Brexit, so let’s put that one to bed immediately. Employers getting away with paying under minimum wage to European workers doesn’t mean your economyContinue reading “Mutiny in the County”

The Walls Have Ears…

There’s not much that’s more entertaining than to cast your eye over Facebook each morning and come across the latest spate of drama that’s kicking off between local councillors and their followers. Pretty much every day, you can guarantee that somewhere on your newsfeed there will be one side or another posting opaque, and sometimesContinue reading “The Walls Have Ears…”