Ice Cream… Lolly Pops…

Ok, imagine. You apply for a job. Interview goes well. You’re negotiating some start dates and boom, the employer asks if you’re double vaxxed.

This happened to me recently. I replied that I wasn’t. His staff were worried about me working with them, as they had all been double jabbed. I declined the job, because I really don’t want to get vaxxed. Not that I’m anti vax, indeed, I wrote in support of vaccinations a few months ago. But this one, I don’t trust. I had the luxury of turning down the job, because it was a job job, not a career job. To be fair to the guy, I was impressed that he took his staff’s feelings into account. Not many bosses do that. I don’t blame him at all, and I don’t blame his staff. Society has made me an object of fear.

A friend of mine, finding herself in a similar situation, and going for a career job, and not a job job, has decided that she will get vaxxed, because she really wants the job, even though she doesn’t much want the jab.

This is how coercion works.

I’d love to say that I wouldn’t be strongarmed no matter what, but if my dream job came along, something that I’d always wanted to do, and the choice was jab or no job, would I really stick to my guns? What would I do?

Truthfully, I don’t know. I’d probably cave. Would I? Are my choices to do with my principles/ my beliefs, or what? Probably just fear.

You can understand why everyone is so confused. When a population doesn’t trust its government, then inevitably this kind of thing is going to happen. A headline today stated that a third of people in Wales who have Covid are unvaccinated, which clearly implies that the other two thirds are vaccinated, yet they still have covid. Some studies have shown that vaccinated people are just as infectious as not vaccinated, yet the vaccinated do not have to isolate if someone around them tests positive, with a test that’s notoriously unreliable. You see why we’re all so confused?

My buddy over the art shop is turning away lots of customers for his art classes, because they’re not jabbed, and because most of his clientele are elderly, and he wants them to feel comfortable. That’s totally fair. But if the vaccine was any good, there would be no reason to feel vulnerable, would there? You don’t get “two thirds of people with TB are vaxxed” headlines. You don’t actually get much TB, because everyone is vaxxed against it.

I’m not sure what I’m so scared of. At first I just didn’t want to be ill, because everyone I knew having the jab was being ill, and I couldn’t be bothered to be ill, and then, as time went on and I saw the coercion more and more, and was exposed to more stories about the vax affecting people in weird ways, and then talking to a doctor who said I’m probably better off steering clear, due to various health problems, I just decided not to have it. I’m pretty convinced I’ve had covid about three times anyway, so I can’t really see the point. That should be the end of it, shouldn’t it? Are they going to really force his upon us? I used to say that they wouldn’t dare. Now I’m not so sure.

My real question, is why? During the plague, if someone had offered a way to not get it, you’d have jumped at it. But this vaccine doesn’t seem a way to not get covid, and covid doesn’t seem much like the plague. So why are they kicking off so hard?

If Covid hadn’t happened, they would have been caught proper red handed if a proper pandemic had hit; the infection rate of Covid with the death rate of Ebola. Proper messy. In fact, what Covid has given us the chance to do, is sort our shit out before that happens. But even if we do, the people won’t trust whatever plan the government come up with, so whatever happens, we’re eventually screwed.

And now today, after someone somewhere said quietly the words “possible fuel shortage”, and the worlds has gone mental and completely sold out of derv, we see that we have been well and truly trained to believe every teeny tiny word. They say “jump”, we say, “how high?” It’s so easily achieved – all those juicy Facebook posts to share with their media led disasters. It’s all just so easy.

We have to be more discerning, and more to the point, we have to keep an eye on what they’re doing with our freedom to choose, because frankly, they’re sneaking that one right up on us, and if we don’t start paying attention, and if we continue to turn on each other over vaccinations, Brexit, and all the other bullshit distractions that they like to throw our way, we’ll have all been bribed into stuff we don’t want to do with the promise of shiny things. That’s how it starts peeps. That’s how it starts.


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