In a World of Kardashians, be a Kardashian…

Yeh yeh ok.. AOC’s dress. We’ve all seen it now.

In law enforcement, they call that a clue.

The comments have been interesting, as always at these times of dressed up revolution that isn’t revolution. Tax the rich. Sounds good. And yes, we should. But why don’t we? Could her dress have said something like, “why are we not taxing the rich?” Make a statement, everyone claps, it’s well worn, it’s commonplace.. even Jeremy Corbyn is saying it. Nice, easy, tasteful. Well, apart from the arse.

Because yes, interesting placement. And yes, she knows everyone is looking anyway. Why not capitalise on that? I’m sure Bernie would look pretty shit in that dress. So who are the ones who are seeking media inches gonna call to wear it? Someone needs to wear it. The fact that it’s designed by a rags to riches black woman is genius. The Left have something so total to love here that they’re beside themselves with joy. The capitalist left have the perfect model in AOC. And they’re capitalising hugely.

I’m not sure whether to be this cynical or not. I’m not sure whether to believe she does or doesn’t know what she’s doing or not. It’s easy once certain pennies have dropped in your mind to see these mistakes for what they are, but it’s also easy to see why it’s so irresistible to her audience and why she’s so tempted to do it.

She’s young. She’s got a bit of a story. She plays the ex-barmaid/waitress thing pretty well. She’s good looking so that gets a certain demographic interested in “democratism”. She’s a legend to many of her followers, and when she first arrived I though she was pretty cool, like I though Bernie was cool, and like Tulsi Gabbard was cool. Turns out, they’re not that cool if you listen closely enough, or should I say, if you know where to be really listening..

When everything changed for me, I saw cracks where I’d never seen cracks, holes where I’d never seen holes. That change came when I started reading Marx, Engels and Co. When I started to study, I started to take more notice of what was backstage. In the first few months, I lost the plot a bit. The things that I was learning were blowing my mind so much that I think I had a bit of a breakdown. At the time I was living in a field with goats so it didn’t really matter. Now, here I am, back in the world of work bills work bills. I have less time for study, but I still try to slot it in because it’s important, and it’s interesting. Quite apart from that, it holds the key to everything and everyone would see that if they just had a look. A breakdown is much harder to deal with in the land of work bills work though. So people don’t look.

I have read books by Lenin and Stalin that made me suspicious. Why, when I’ve been told what lunatics these two are, do they sound so lucid and make such sense? Mein Kampf by Hitler reads like the ramblings of a psychopath full of amphetamine. Not surprising, seeing as that’s who it was written by.

I’d been lead to believe that if you even opened a book by Joe or Vlad you’d disappear in a puff of McCarthyism. But if you gave these books to any sane person and changed the author – for instance, “Anarchism or Socialism”, by “Bob Mcphee”, or “What is to be done?” by Bob Mcphee – they’d get to the end and say.. who is this Bob Mcphee? Why have I never heard of him? He’s a bloody genius! Why don’t we do what this guy is saying? And you’d be forced to say that it’s actually two guys, widely regarded as being batty, immortalised for being nothing more than crazy dictators that did famines and stuff.

No-one seems to want to remember the reason the Russian revolution happened. The Tsar was ripping the country apart while living excruciatingly well, and there were a million soldiers getting slaughtered on the Eastern front, the rest of whom all turned up in town after getting the hell out of there only to find a bunch of women marching about bread. They joined in, they were armed. The people were starving. What would you do? The time was ripe, and all Lenin did was lead them to continue the fight, instead of letting them all go home and watch the march on the 6 ‘o clock news, trying to spot themselves and their banner in the crowd, spending the next twenty years proudly proclaiming – I was at that march you know. The stop the war march. Did you see that stop any wars?

Same goes for this dress. Tax the rich, by all means, go ahead. I’m up for that. But then what? What you fail to see, AOC, is that the same mechanism that allows you to spread your message, is the same organisation that’s run by the rich, in order to facilitate you wearing a dress at a posh dinner, and the same organisation that own the press that are flooding it all over the world, and the same organisation that would not be giving you any publicity at all, and would crush you like a fly if they considered for a second that you were any real threat. Instead, you’re a supermodel, and the world has been set right in leftie land, and everyone can go home for tea.

So I’m glad you wore the dress, because I’ve been wondering how to make this point, and now I have the opportunity.

But AOC, try next time not to give every rich, slimy man in that room, and in the world, even more reason – or permission – to look at your arse. Unless, of course, that’s what you want.


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One thought on “In a World of Kardashians, be a Kardashian…

  1. Great article, Tess. I certainly don’t think you’re cynical (enough;). A bit of good news: I saw a survey yesterday which showed that ‘67% of young people in the UK favoured socialism’. So, I think we can safely assume they won’t be joining the Labour Party!!!


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