Black Pill

This news about studies showing serotonin is nothing to do with depression and everyone jumping on the SSRIs are a myth thing is interesting.

As someone who relies on these pills to not drive off the Cleddau bridge, and in order to deal with my “diagnosed” conditions, I find the knee jerk reaction to the perceived placebo effect quite remarkable.

Anyone who has a little drinkie of an evening or who smokes crack, or whatever other drug they choose, is already well aware that life is better when chemically assisted. If Fluoxetine is having the mild effect of a gentle early nineties ecstasy pill, then of course they work.. der….

The fact that some rely on SSRIs or Barbiturates or crack or whisky or wine or cigars or vapes or stinky fags, surely implies that it’s all just a case of tell us a joke we know.

A cursory look at the DSM-5, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental illness and disorders, version 5, will tell you that pretty much every behaviour you observe is because you have some kind of personality disorder. The differentiating between mental illnesses and disorders, the clusters of illnesses, the classifications, the symptoms, the criteria, the assumptions, the detective work, that all goes into a diagnosis, firstly, rarely happens because we don’t have the health infrastructure to support it, but when it does happen, hey presto, everyone is happy to accept Prozac because it makes stuff better, it makes life bearable, in the same way that beer does, but without the crappy taste, the cash or the calories.

In essence, the human condition has been reduced to a categorisation of what’s wrong with everyone. Even someone who is having lingering grief at the death of a loved one, is classified at having “adjustment disorder”. Any behaviour is a disorder, even neat, tidy, organised behaviour. A mind that sees the faults of the world is an autistic mind, or an ADHD mind, or a Mania mind. They say that these things are a spectrum and that these things only get diagnosed when the symptoms are such that they cause problems in life functioning. Do you know anyone who is fully functioning, and not just pretending?

I think you’ll find it’s LIFE that is causing these issues in life functioning. Its LIFE that makes us wait hours to get through to a doctor, to have to queue for ages in packed supermarkets, to be presented with fruit that makes you ill because it’s impossible to wash off all those traces of pesticide without destroying the actual piece of fruit. It’s trying to get though to BT or HMRC, or the insurance company, or being stressed at work because you’re short staffed, and being tired but still having to get by, like trying to find a place to live, like wondering how to feed the kids, like wondering what the hell awaits them by the time they’re our age?

But now, the police are gonna take your license away of you take any drug. ANY. Except alcohol and prescription drugs. You know, the fun one, and the ones that don’t work. Again, I feel like I’m missing something here.

These are things that all achieve the same aim. Society choosing which drugs are ok and which aren’t, is already a problem, because the people who don’t see the irony in this, are the very ones running the show, and the ones up top running the big show, are all off their faces, but the ones who wanna end your life for smoking a bifta, and discussing your fall from grace later on over a brandy at the Lodge, are the very ones voting for the ones who come to Prime Minister’s Questions with powder around their noses.

The hypocrisy is not the problem in this specific situation though. Well it is, but the biggest problem I can see, is that by questioning the acceptance that all these drugs serve a purpose, and trying to take the attention away from the shit show of the world, by playing with the minds of people who need keeping level, and who may now feel that they should come off meds, because they’re just imagining them to work, is dangerous territory indeed. We’re all coping how we can, and some people are not coping.

No wonder access to easy drugs is the choice most people make, as in, pretty much nearly all the people. Show me someone who abstains from everything, and I’ll show you someone whose friends take the piss out of them and accuse them of being vegan.

War on drugs? Any substance is a war on disappointment, despondency and stress. There’s no point leaders touting such slogans when they’re forever raging war on life choices, on the family, on communities, on communication and compassion, on education, on societal needs. Their mates are the ones benefitting from the profits of all these prescription drugs, so it makes sense to prescribe, and it will make sense for the socially conscious to abstain, but if you need them, and now you’re being told you don’t need them, and it was all a con, who are you going to believe? And if we don’t need them, well, clearly we need something. What is that something going to be? Needing nothing at all can only work if we could somehow live a life where we aren’t constantly bombarded by problems we haven’t evolved to deal with.

Remove the resources and you get war. But you can control the situation, the populations, by keeping them shitfaced. Not that kind of shitfaced. The official kind of shitfaced. The perfect escape. The get out of jail free card. But the drugs don’t work. And they’re bad.

Let’s go and have a drink, shall we?


Published by Tess Delaney

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