To Vax or not to Vax. That is not the Question.

I think it was second year Biology when we learned about Jenner and played with petri dishes. We learned about Pasteur and milkmaids. We learned about how vaccinations came to be. We learned about all the illnesses that they eradicated. We learned of all the kids that were saved from smallpox and polio. I remember thinking that these people were absolute geniuses. I was thirteen at the time I guess, and school wasn’t really my favourite thing, but some lessons did stick with me, and those were some of the lessons that stuck with me the most. The awe I felt for that kind of meticulous thinking and research. Incredible.

Now, fast forward 35 years, and would you look at that? The word research now means something else entirely. It means watching YouTube and then clicking on all the suggested videos that say the same thing, and before you know it, you’re an expert, and you’re telling people that the vaccine is going to inject you with 5G and a microchip.

What has happened? How did we go from the geniuses of the past, who dedicated their lives to finding out ways to save humanity, often unpaid, driven only by a huge brain and a will to make the world a better place? A will to discover, to be a pioneer. To find knowledge that no one has ever found, and to apply that to the material conditions of life all around.

Now, we have the internet, where people look up a lot of old knowledge, but not enough to form a whole picture, and then make assumptions based upon those findings. They find a part of their theory that applies and they repeat ad infinitum and refuse to see things in any other way, even though science has always been the type of field where new knowledge is supposed to supplant old knowledge. It is supposed to be malleable and subject to change depending on proof and on outside influences and truths.

The vaccine for Covid, made by Pfizer, is about to be rolled out in the UK. There have been vaccines produced all over the world already that are shown to work and to be safe. The sputnik vaccine from Russia. The ten vaccines from China. The Cuban vaccine. They’ve had them for some time now. So why did the UK not purchase those vaccines and have done with it? Why did it insist on producing its own? Look at the shareholders of Pfizer and you’ll see why straight away.

The trouble is, as there are not many people around who believe in their government anymore, the masses have been given a real reason to mistrust. It’s easy to see why they would baulk at the new vaccine, insist that it’s some great reset to dumb us all down. That’s what our government have been doing to us forever. So why change now? They become less reliable with every passing day.

Some people are crying out for the vaccine so that they can continue their everyday lives. Some want this whole Covid thing over with. Some do still trust their government, just, but only because they haven’t been made aware of what’s really going on here.

In this late stage Capitalism, whatever good for humanity that they come up with, will not be in the spirit of those pioneers of medicine and Biology that made all those discoveries. It will be for the benefit of profits for Pfizer and Pfizer’s shareholders. And their wives, and their wives’ tennis partners. It’s not for you, all of this. We could have bought a 92% effective vaccine from Russia dead cheaply, but the UK won’t licence its use in the UK. Ah. Funny that. There are many Chinese vaccines. We’re happy to buy everything else from China. But a choice of ten vaccines? Nah. You’re alright. We’d rather re-invent the wheel over here, if it’s alright by you.

What’s next? A repeat of the Sercos track and trace debacle? Where there isn’t enough vaccine to go round and it doesn’t work anyway?

And we wonder why the anti-vaxxers are out. Can you blame them? What a mess. What a complete, and absolute mess.

No belief in our rulers. No trust in our heads of state. Where is this all going to end? The stories are out there every day of this corruption. Yet nothing is ever done. Why not? We all know that the shareholders are mates with the guys giving out the contracts. But we do nothing. Why not? There are a lot of us in this country that are not billionaires. In fact, if a billionaire reads this, give me a shout to prove the average amount of billionaires out there, reading local stuff. There aren’t any. They’re in Monaco. Playing on their yachts and avoiding tax. We all know this. But we don’t do anything. Why? Here’s why. They divide us. They see how many of us there are, and they’re crapping themselves that we’re going to see all this. So you know what they do? They spread rumours about Bill Gates, and 5G and flat earths. They create drama in the political party sphere where Dom and Jeremy become nothing more than characters on EastEnders. They get us all arguing about bullshit, and then they can sneak about doing whatever they like, with no one noticing. You may think this is all an accident. It isn’t. It’s deliberate distraction. While everyone is insisting that everyone else “wake up” they’re all missing the big stuff. The real big stuff. It’s not about waking up. This is way more serious than that. This is rise up. Together.

Published by Tess Delaney

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