Big Dummies

Well… the election has been and gone. Not our election. Their election. But you’d think it’s ours for all the fuss everyone is making. Yes, I know that America’s choices affect us, but the election result doesn’t make things as better as everyone seems to think they do.

Yes, we all hate Trump. Well, most of us do. Having a crazy man at the head of the “free” world has been at times painful, at others, entertaining. Bog roll on the shoe, orange face, wife with funny eyes… we’ve all been taking the mick. He did lots of bad stuff while in office, but it’s worth noting he didn’t start any new wars. Ultimately, he made the same mistake as the UK; he let down the white working class rust belt supporters that he said he would save from oblivion four years ago. But he didn’t save them. Not even a little bit, preferring instead to enable big business and corporations to have giant tax breaks and get richer. Although some pundits are saying that if it hadn’t been for Covid, he would have won a second term.

A lot of people are saying that his record number of votes, the second highest number ever in an election, second only to Joe Biden’s winning numbers, would have been enough at any other time. His vote went up in all demographics other than the rust belt, white workers, where his vote dropped significantly, and lost him the election. Meanwhile, Latino, Black, female and minority groups all voted for him in bigger numbers than last time, and this just goes to show that the usual narrative of his voters all being racist bigots is very far from true.

In the UK, our own rust belt white boys, or the Northern Red Wall as it’s more generally known, voted for Boris in the last election, abandoning Labour due to their inability to respect the Brexit decision. The votes for Brexit, in those areas, and the votes for Trump in the states, came from the same groups, the disillusioned workers, the ones that LBC was calling “Workington Man” all last year.

They are also a group that have been painted as racist bigots by certain sections of the media. Though it’s true to say that some racism surely exists within these groups, the American and the British versions, they are by no means the biggest group, and they don’t explain the voting choices quite so tidily. The voting choices for Brexit, and for Trump, were brought on by years of feeling like their voices are being ignored, that their livelihoods and jobs are being stripped away, and they’re being left for dead. The votes were anti-establishment protest votes, nothing more, nothing less. Labour made promises, and so did Donald. They broke those promises and now they’re out of favour, abandoned by their stalwart supporters.

Everyone is celebrating Biden’s win like Jesus himself has won. Like they think it’s going to make a difference. Yes, the crushing embarrassment of Presidential addresses will be less uncomfortable, until Joe’s drugs wear off at least, but it’s all ok, because in the wings we have the real prize, the Woman of Colour as Vice President, the woman that got nowhere in the primaries but was hand picked as Joe’s running mate, much to the bewilderment of most onlookers.

It’s clear to see now of from the reaction of the public, that they have pulled a blinder. Having trouble with the black lives matter bunch? No problem, stick a woman of colour next door to the Whitehouse and everyone will forget all about it.

America’s pacifier, the lovely Kamala, is shown dancing with children, not imprisoning black men and withholding evidence that would have saved an innocent man from going to jail.

We will see no more kids in cages, the cages that Obama built, and that Trump borrowed. Joe’s use of them will be hidden away. It won’t have stopped, they just won’t show you anymore. The Obama, Clinton, Biden gang are back in town, and from now one they’re only going to show you the good bits. Just make sure that you’re watching very carefully.

Meanwhile, a story that no one has heard, just about sums the whole thing up.

55-year-old rancher David Andahl from North Dakota, won his race for the state House of Representatives by a clear margin. Unfortunately, at the time of his win, he’d been dead for a month.

As the largely rural state saw a sharp increase in coronavirus cases — at one point leading the country in the number of new cases per capita — Andahl contracted the virus. After four days in the hospital, he died on Oct. 5. According to his obituary, Andahl, who also worked as a racecar driver and instructor, was so passionate about his home state that he was sometimes called “Dakota Dave.”

North Dakota election authorities initially had no precedent on how to address the death of a candidate so close to Election Day, and so they decided to just do nothing and hope for the best. So now we have the adsurd situation where not only have rumours circulated that dead people were voting for the Democrats, the Republicans were voting for dead people.

From all of this we can surely see, that the democratic process is no more than a farcical play by Noel Coward or similar, and you’re always going to end up with what they want you to end up with. USA, UK – makes no difference. You don’t decide, they do. Their only job is to make you feel happy about what’s happened, stick that pacifier in your mouth and call it Kamala.



Published by Tess Delaney

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One thought on “Big Dummies

  1. Differing opinions seem to divide people these days but what unifies is knowing what the bible says at Daniel 2:44 where it talks about a kingdom or government that will unite all! We read in the scripture “In the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed…it will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms and it ALONE will stand forever!” I cant wait for Gods kingdom to stand alone and unite all under His rule.


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