Innocent White Boys

From what I can see there’s not much good to come out of this Penally situation. The county is completely divided down the middle. I’m pretty shocked at some of the things I’ve heard people say, people that I thought were ok. I’ve noticed a lot of Tory voters getting very angry indeed. Most of the Labour voters seem to be the ones baking cakes and collecting clothes. A generalisation of course, but I think it shows that in general, the people on the left are a bit more switched on about the factors that have resulted in so many refugees appearing in the UK.

There have been soldiers based at Penally over the years, and Brawdy, and Castlemartin, that have gone over to places like Iraq, and bombed the shit out of the families of these people that are now being housed in these very barracks. How many of these young men witnessed their Dads getting bombed by the UK and the US? If you were one of those boys turning up the other night and you had witnessed those scenes outside the camp, where the Little Veteran, or whatever he calls himself, was brandishing a whip and instructing teenagers and young men to fight with police, you’d be forgiven for hating the west even more. Luckily, Little Racist has been arrested, and hopefully will be sent back to whatever hole he crawled out of. Perhaps he’ll join his buddy Tommy Robinson who ironically now lives as an immigrant in Spain, having to flee for the safety of his family, having turned himself steadily into a figure of hate.

Folks, I hate to tell you this, but the veterans that you’re all so enamoured of, who fought for their country, are the very ones that went to Iraq in an illegal war led by Blair and Bush. So the Labour voters can bake as many cakes as they like, but it won’t square the circle that it was their leader who started this.

How many illegal, imperialist wars have we conned our uneducated youth with no future into getting involved in? A friend of mine joined the marines at 19 because he couldn’t get a job and was desperate. He came out and then went to work for the council. All of sudden, he gets called up, in his 30s, and within days is running around Basra with a 40-pound pack on his back. I asked him if he shot anyone. No, he said, but I probably mortared quite a few.

Do we really have to be so proud of a bunch of people that choose to go and be turned into trained killers, just to go and fight the wars for the rich? Because of oil or other resources? Because of land, because of flags? Territory? Slave acquisition? It’s not WW1. No one’s getting drafted here. It’s a career choice. If you actually research the history of Iraq, a history that I don’t have the word count for here, then you would see that you’ve been completely lied to, and that all your righteous protestations are just pure wrong. But that kind of learning takes effort, and because government and media propaganda tell you otherwise, and it’s quicker and easier for you to just believe what they say, then that’s what you believe. It’s not your fault. You’ve been conned. But until you realise that, we’re not going to get anywhere.

All I can say, is that everyone who has been cruel about the Penally camp residents, not the ones who are slightly concerned that they weren’t consulted, but the actual, cruel comments that I’m seeing every day, seem to slowly be coming to the realisation that the government, the system, the status quo that they’re always so keen to maintain, has absolutely no care for them. Not even a little bit. They don’t care about your concerns. They’ll do what they want. Perhaps once you realise that, then you’ll start to see that your real fears should be the privatisation of the NHS, or the fact that 9million people in the country are furloughed, which is ending soon, and half of them won’t get their jobs back, marking the most massive unemployment numbers that this country has ever seen. All the while the retirement age is being raised, pensions are being robbed, and you’re all screwed anyway. The least of your problems is some lads at the camp.

When I was a teenager and young woman, it was terrifying to be in Tenby when the squaddies were around, and Pembroke, and Harford. They were everywhere. They were rude and abusive. I should know. I married one. The mindset of any army veteran is not the mindset of a normal person. I got told stories of atrocities acted upon Iraqi people with zip ties and torture instruments, I won’t tell you the details, I’ll just leave you with the knowledge that my Corporal in the Royal Signals ex-husband knew all about it, as did my ex-marine buddy.

You either join the army because you’re a bit of a hardcase, because you fancy yourself as a hero, or because you have no other alternative. Just because you chose, for whatever reason, to kill people for a living, to fight imperialist wars for a living, to loot other countries and destroy their democracies for a living, it doesn’t automatically turn you into a god that should be homed above other homeless people. The irony being, if they hadn’t been out mortaring and zip-tying people in Iraq, then the sons of Iraq wouldn’t need to come to Wales.

You reap what you sow. You stand by your actions. Your live by the sword and die by the sword. Those innocent white army boys that you never worried about – even though they were actually abusing your daughters, you just didn’t know about it -ended up being the very ones to dislodge another country, steal their resources, topple their elected leaders and replace with US and UK imperialist backed ones, thus condemning you to the Iraqis next door.

Think on’t.


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One thought on “Innocent White Boys

  1. The whirligig of history. Back in the early 1960’s, the “left” loosely defined, protested about the deployment of German Bundeswehr troops for training at the Castlemartin ranges. The fear was that these white boys were all in some strange genetic way, all still “Nazis”, although most were only babies when the war ended. Now it is our own homegrown Nazis who are turning up in Pembrokeshire……….


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