The Penally Camp Massacre

Well. We had Dowsongate. We had Kraussgate. Now, ladies and gents, if indeed, I’m still allowed to address you that way, welcome to Penallygate.

I’m still in shock from reading the comments. Literally, shock. I knew that Pembrokeshire was, how you say, sheltered, a little misinformed, a little behind the times, a little bit set in their ways, but nothing could have really prepared for me for what I’ve been reading this morning.

The government plan to turn everyone against everyone else is complete. Not only do we now have to grass up our neighbours if their mates come round, even though they’re all at liberty to gather in Wetherspoons, but now Pembrokeshire has a whole new game to play. You’d think the curtain twitching would be enough fun, but no, here we are, with a protest that’s had every entitled racist in the county turn up and feel they’re doing something good.

It can’t just be coincidence that as I’m reading their views all about how the Syrians like to murder each other and they should stay in their own country to fight, like we did in two world wars, the misspelling of simple words is evident and the use of proper grammar is absent. This deliberate lack of education, gradually fed to us over the last forty years, the deliberate dumbing down of a nation, the deliberate disinformation and propaganda fed to the populace by the Sun and the Express and the Mail, is starting to show. The mainstream media combined with the lack of any decent schooling has resulted in an uneducated rabble filling our towns, just ready and waiting to be told what to think and how to react.

Education for the masses was originally invented in order to bring workers into line. To train the masses to do the jobs that were needed to run a country. Now they don’t need all of us, so they don’t bother so much. The private school kids will run the show, so they get proper schooling. The rest of us make do with what we’re given by whatever curriculum is in vogue at whatever point in time. Usually, the cheapest one.

Once education became too expensive to spread around, and once cuts had been introduced and then introduced some more, and departments stripped of funding and lessons dumbed down to accommodate huge class sizes and lack of resources, and higher education came with a giant price tag, then a never-ending freefall was inevitable. When I was a teacher in the 2000s, I could see that, bad as school had been when I attended as a pupil myself, it was already much, much worse. Quite often my classes weren’t even allocated a room, and we spent half the lesson wandering corridors to find an empty one. The class sizes were enormous. I saw my year 7s, 8s and 9s once a fortnight; there was barely time to get to know the class, let alone tech them anything useful.

But this systemic racism that exists, spread by media fearmongering, as someone to blame for all the faults of a country that has been destroying itself since the late 70s, is even shocking in this context. You’d think this vogue for BLM et al would get everyone thinking the other way, but it doesn’t. These people at Penally are the same ones complaining about the Diversity dance routine. The lefty type protests turn everyone off. The right negate it all with their All Lives Matter stance. They argue on social media. But now it’s on the doorstep, the county has properly lost the plot.

Fear is a funny thing. But fear is a learned response. Everyone has been learning from the Goebbels playbook though it would seem. Fear everything you do not know or understand. Listen to your media tell you that these people are evil en masse, with no individual characteristics at all.

They’re all young men I hear you cry. My sons are 28 and 18. Are they then, natural murderers and dissenters? Are they out to get you and steal your daughters? No? Why? Because they’re Welsh? If my sons had to go to another country to be safe, I’d send them in a heartbeat, because they’re my baby boysies, even though they’re giants with beards. It matters not to me how old they are. If they need to be kept safe, then why shouldn’t they be? Because they’re the wrong age?

I’m genuinely sad today. I wanted to get into politics to help people. But when actually confronted with the people of the county that I would be helping, I’m not sure I really want to. They look beyond help to me. It’s a simple case of education, but it’s too late, because this lot already know it all.

What is to be done? Is there anything that can be done at this late stage? I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth it.


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2 thoughts on “The Penally Camp Massacre

  1. Agree totally. Schools are trying to train (most) people for the factory age that has gone. Thinking is often frowned upon. (I remember one of my children being castigated for “thinking too much”). The demise of local media gives carte blanche to local politicians and their networks to prioritise personal gain over public interest.

    We have had bread and circuses.
    Come January, food is likely to be scarcer and more expensive. Then more people may wake up.


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