Woke. The New Sleep.

Ok I don’t wanna generalise. But I’m gonna.

All the people I know personally, as in, in real life, that are Covid deniers, are also flat earthers. And they’re moon landing deniers. And antic vaxxers.

That protest in London over the weekend, where there were 35k people, apparently, all without masks, is gonna present a problem if they’re wrong. Not for them. They’ll be back in the provinces. The people of London will be privy to their germs. Similarly, back in their provinces, and on their travels home, the proles will be taking their germs with them. They will argue that VE day and the other protests didn’t cause a spike. And ok, they didn’t. But isn’t it all just a little bit playing with fire and running with scissors?

Belief is a funny thing. And we should all be allowed to believe what we want. But when your belief affects others then that’s probably not ok. And those All Lives Matter people that were dissing the BLM protests had a point too. Protests can lose their lustre if used too often, and Covid presented a perfect opportunity to learn new ways of protest. But here they are, in the streets, asserting their rights, whilst ignoring the rights and beliefs of other, led by none other than David Icke, who should have stuck to A Question of Sport as far as I’m concerned.

The scary thing is, because Icke manages to sneak his madness into rhetoric that appeals to the masses, and words like freedom are bandied around when they don’t know the meaning of the word, a huge swathe of believers, who are into reptiles and the illuminati, will be following him like a God, insisting that if the lizard thing is true, then the Covid hoax must be too, or vice versa.

I know that thousands of years ago peoples all over the world developed certain beliefs in order to make sense of the world around them. Jesus wept. Imagine if they’d had youtube. Can you imagine the videos that would be out there? Hey everyone, the Sun God is part of a paedophile ring and Jesus is a lizard.

But come on. There’s no need for all that now. The people who believe this stuff choose to. Why? Because the CIA put it out there and they’re bored, and need something to believe? Because they see the other lies and that’s the only way they can make sense of it? To make up stuff that is no worse than what is actually happening, to distract themselves from what is actually happening?

Chemtrails, for instance. Yes, this lot love chemtrails. They’re left by aeroplanes to poison us, dontcha know. You can see them in the sky. What you can see, is contrails, from aeroplanes, and the reason that they look different at different times is to do with altitude and temperature and air moisture and all kinds of other things. This stuff is left because thousands of litres of fuel is being burned and sent out of the exhausts, gathering little bits and particles as it goes, which form nuclei, which form rain clouds, which warm the earth. Jet planes are the biggest polluter and contributor to global warming that there is. But that’s not enough for the flat earth crew. They have to make up that there’s poison being sprayed on us, and completely deny what’s actually happening, which is that there’s poison being sprayed on us.

The people that I know personally, who believe this stuff, are no longer friends, barely acquaintances, because I hold them directly responsible for turning attention away from the real problems with their fake quasi academia where they watch youtube and think they’re the learned classes. The point of an education, is learning to differentiate between the bullshit information and the good stuff, and come to your own conclusions. Not watch one video about giants and then tell everyone there are giants. And once they have decided that they are woke, then that’s it, they fall asleep completely, and at that point, like Sleeping Beauty, you may as well just let the brambles grow up around them, for all the good they’ll do. They cause trouble, they argue the toss, they conspire to undermine proper radical action, and they piss me off. And I ain’t kissing them, cos they’ve probably got Covid.

There are enough worthy causes without this sixth form mentality having to make shit up. Flat earth? Two words. Navigation. That’s one. But it’s enough. Now get a grip.


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