Lunacy, Boomers and Trust

We’re all going crazy. I think it’s official.

We’ve got to that point of no return. There’s no way out. Look at social media right now. Everyone is proper losing it. Even the ones who ordinarily seem to have their shit together.

This is all too much for the human mind to cope with. In our evolutionary dog years, we should probably be still farming and getting into a bit of art by now. However, the curse of the genius, human mind, is that here we are, trapped int this bright world of carnage, where absolutely nothing makes sense. Nothing, not even one little thing. I’m reminded of that bit at the Beginning of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy where Arthur first finds himself upon the Vogon ship and the earth has blown up beneath him. He would have felt reassured if he could see something familiar, just one small box of cornflakes. But there was nothing. That’s what the world feels like to me right now. I don’t see any cornflakes here at all.

They do say that in this world, the sane ones are the ones who seems crazy, in that they can’t cope with this gone crazy world so they in effect go crazy. The real crazy ones, then, are the ones who take it all as said, and accept what’s going on without question.

Think back a couple of generations. I can remember a time when everything seemed pretty mellow, but I was young, and unaware of the power cuts of the 70s, other than I remember my mum always had candles for power cuts, and I remember power cuts. I just didn’t know why they were happening. But I also remember that people jollied along. There was no indication that the adult world was so hectic back then. Until, as I got older, I started to hear people start to complain about “the way things are going”, and realised that stuff must be up. Where are the institutions that used to reassure us all? The street bobbies? The bank manager that you could phone personally? The News at Ten?

Our folks lived through the Cuban missile crisis and we grew up taping songs about nuclear war off the tele when Top of the Pops was on.. or the top 40.  But there was this sense of the country being slightly in charge of things. A trust in government. People were staunchly supportive of their teams back then. No one really criticised the government to the extent that they do now. A lot was hidden away that has only become known due to the advent of the internet and peer news sharing. We now know that all those pop pickers were paedophiles. How very reassuring that is.

And so everyone who grew up during that time learned to not trust their government. There were an older generation who still did; not the proper oldies who survived the war, like my mum, but the boomers, who got all the perks. And they’re the ones who are the last to lose the rose-tinted glasses it would seem.

Their investments are becoming worthless, their homes that they’re soooo proud of are becoming worthless, their pensions are worthless, and their easy time is over. That’s why they all drink so much. All those late middle-aged wine o’ clock ladies who live off divorce settlements are starting to feel the pinch, when they thought they never would. Those men that identified themselves through the status of their work are realising that their bubble may be bursting along with everyone else’s, as the poorest cannot possibly afford the goods or services that used to be so popular and which they provide.

This crash is being hidden behind Covid, but anyone can see this has been a long time coming. The only thing that’s been stopping things from proper kicking off in this country is the relative comfort of those that are doing ok. They don’t want to rock the boat. Of course they don’t. But to hear these people who have voted Tory all their lives complaining about the lack of care they’re receiving from the NHS is irony in its purest form. Not that they were to know that Labour are just as responsible for the privatisation of the NHS. They don’t realise that the government are all in it together, and they’ve never really had to care, because for them, everything was ok.

We’re in a place now, where all day long, people argue. They argue and argue and shout and block. They accuse each other of being keyboard warriors. They accuse each other of stupidity. They argue about everything they can possibly find to argue about, and it’s possible because of the barrier of the screen, and finally the British don’t have to be reserved and polite anymore. They can tell each other what they think of each other.

They say that 1 in 3 people have a mental health issue. Bullshit. It’s 3 in 3. Everyone, and I mean, everyone, has got something going on. No-one is completely relaxed in this full-on world. Maybe we never were. Maybe relaxed is a temporary, or fake construct, designed to give us ten minutes rest between fighting a tiger and cutting it up. Like sleep. Just a physical need, not a state that can be achieved like Buddha.

The first step has to be to stop arguing. We may be getting the shit kicked out of us by societal mores, but that’s no reason to be shitty to each other. Why cause fights among the same team? We’re a massive, vast group of lunatics, that channelled into the correct direction could cause all manner of mischief. There’s an asylum out there for the taking, but everyone is so busy thieving from the drug cabinet and arguing the toss about stuff that’s no more relevant than the soap operas on TV.

Take over the asylum, loons.


Published by Tess Delaney

I mostly only come out at night... mostly....

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