Judas, Must You Betray Me With A Kiss…?

You know when you talk to right wing people about socialism and they start going on about socialists wanting free stuff all the time?

Well. I’ve been on a little bit of a research mission during the Covid crisis, keeping my ear to the ground for little evidences of selfishness. It wasn’t my intention to do that. It happened by accident, and was inspired by a story I heard from a friend of a friend about a bloke he knows.

The bloke runs a big firm locally. His turnover is big. When the furlough loan schemes came out with government backed loans, he applied for the loan and got the full amount of 50k. He declared to his mates that he has no intention of paying it back. He will just “go bankrupt” as he put it, as he has done many times before, and then it will be written off, at no loss to him.

This, I found shocking, frankly. Especially as I bet you a crisp pound note that this bloke is a Tory voter. Free stuff is it?

I then discovered something else, from people who I know are Tory voters, because I know them personally. When they were offered the free food parcels, they accepted them. Ok, they’re entitled, being a certain age, but they’re well off, and don’t need the parcels. They waste most of the stuff, and they complain about the parcel contents and the quality. My folks were offered these parcels and they refused. They don’t need them. So they didn’t take them.

As I’ve been on my travels, telling people these little gems, I’ve been bombarded with tales of similar behaviour from people who are doing ok but took the free stuff because it was there. I have also heard lots of stories of people in need going without because they didn’t want to feel like they were talking the piss. Guess who fell into each group, politically?

This evidence may well be anecdotal. I have done no empirical research here. I can’t show you charts. But this is not something that surprises me, in the main, although it does make me sad. It seems that there are selfish people among us who will do anything to get a free thing, no matter what it is, and then they’ll complain about it, and then they’ll tell you that Corbyn voters and Socialists just want free stuff.

The popularity of Corbyn goes to show that Socialism is what people actually want. Not because they care about themselves but about others. Then there seem to be these Tories that just want all the free stuff. The thing is, with Corbyn out of the picture, the youth are looking for somewhere to go, and we need to tell them that no matter whether they stay away from the Tories or not, they’ll still be trapped into that thinking, where Capitalism is king, and where the money goes to the ones who care about the self, the individual, the me me me; the ones who sense that they are entitled to all the free stuff whilst mocking others for being in need, a need that their favoured Capitalist system created.

True socialism is the only way forward, but don’t be fooled into thinking that means the Labour party. Just because all your friends that support Labour are nice people. Labour grew suddenly huge because of Corbyn, and attracted a load of youngsters and disenfranchised voters who thought for the first time that they had somewhere to go. Now that he has gone, they feel lost. Where does their energy go now? They know instinctively that Starmer isn’t right. Socialismus Interruptus is all they’re feeling right now.

Their hearts tell them that Labour have turned back into something that they don’t see eye to eye with, but the Starmer supporters are out, bullying them into submitting to the support of a party that took their money and their energy and used it to destroy Corbyn, the only reason they were there in the first place; the party that took their hopes, all that festival energy, all that excitement, and dashed it into the rocks like it meant nothing, acting like they’re entitled to the fifty grand loan and the food parcels, that they can just take what they want, with no care for what effect it has over on the other side.

The Labour party should be ashamed of themselves. I’m not surprised that the Tories among us act like selfish reprobates. That’s what we expect them to do. Labour aren’t so honest.

Betrayal is all the harsher when it’s done with a kiss.


Published by Tess Delaney

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