The Little Book of Calm

Tomorrow marks five years since me and Albee moved out of our centrally heated semi in town and moved to a rainy, windy field. It was a day much like today. Crappy. Cold. What better way to mark the occasion than to release my new book, telling the story of what a huge mistake it all was!

At the time we had little choice, and they say that fortune favours the brave, so we took a punt. We lost. But we didn’t completely lose.

Alb is nearly 19 now. He’s doing welding in college. He’s sorted. I’m a bit less organised than the child, so I’m still scuffling about trying to get my shit together.

It’s been a weird old process, and writing it all down has definitely helped get over it. I’ve already started the next book.

Everything is a learning process. I’ve learned how to build, how to do plumbing, how to rig up a solar panel set-up, how to do permaculture, how to grow trees, how to manage land, how to catch goats.

I’ve learned that people are awesome, and that people are evil. I’ve learned that opportunity is elusive, and when it comes, it can either sort your life out or kick your head in. I’ve learned that the universe demands things to be a certain way, and that you’ll get put on the path you need to be on.

You can look at things in a sad way, in that, it’s all over, the game has been played, defeat has occurred. Or you can see it as another adventure beginning, another fresh start, another fresh challenge, new beginning.

My neighbours are having a little soiree this weekend. They’ve invited the whole village. I guess they suddenly feel like they need to make some friends. It will be fun to see who turns up. Katie Hopkins neighbour seems to live here now. Her blokie is nowhere to be seen. Take from that what you will.

But today, I’m chuffed. The paperback came out this morning, the ebook last night. I’ve already sold loads more than I expected. This should be fun.

So bear in mind with every book that gets sold, I get closer to some sort of bathroom. If you read it, I’d love it if you could leave a review, even if you don’t like it. We like truth here.

I’m glad I got to tell the world my side of the story. I’m sure there will plenty more to tell. They’ll be sending bulldozers to tear the goat house asunder in February. At least, that’s what they think.

There may yet be scope for a protest. I’ll keep ye posted 😊

Thanks for the continued support, you legends. I loves you all x


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6 thoughts on “The Little Book of Calm

  1. Good luck with the book. About to buy one. Interested in the protest and also that your son is doing welding. I need a welder to fix my old Renault 4!


  2. Apparently I’m not eligible to contribute to the Amazon “community”.

    You, or someone else, can stick my review (along with 5 stars) on there if you like.


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