Danger? Just Capitalism, Darling.

I’ve seen some anti Covid vaccination people online today, declaring that they’re going to get their flu jab. On the other hand. I’ve seen people also stating that all vaccinations are bad. I talk about eradicating smallpox, and that makes me a government stooge. Everyone has a stance on the Covid conspiracy. But there’s no conspiracy other than that which is obvious.

I was in Birmingham at the weekend on business. Three days of going in and out of all sorts of establishments; hotels, conference buildings, shops, pubs, takeaways, offices; not once was I asked to download any type of app whatsoever, but I see people all day long freaking out because they can’t get into McDonalds without downloading the track and trace app. Firstly, if you’re in McDonalds, then, well, sorry bro, you’ve already lost the game. Secondly, the fact that you’re using your smart phone to tell us all this also implies that you’ve lost the game. The app that you’re using, that social media platform, asked you for all sorts of permissions when you joined. Don’t you remember? And now you’re saying that the new vaccine will become compulsory and they’re gonna track us all?

In the queue outside the pub in central Birmingham last Friday night, we were asked if we had the app. We said no. So, the guy gave us a form to sign, that lots of people had touched, presumably, in that there were lots of signatures on it. I wrote my real name, and real phone number, but that’s all they wanted. I write like a blind child, so my information is safe, without even having to be on a blag. I could have written anything.

There was a book in the conference room we went in, but no one made anyone sign it. The only time I got asked to put a mask on was in the station, by two unmasked coppers, a station so vast that to me it felt like I was outside, but I wasn’t, so I had to put my mask on, that had been in my bag, because you don’t need it on in the street, and you need it to go into the pub, but not to sit in it. So it’s in and out of my bag and pocket, getting covered in fluff and dry tobacco.

In the pub you had to use an app to order food and drinks, but my colleagues already had the app, being that they live in Brum, and use this kind of magical technology all the time. No one was at the bar, the tables were waited on, it was actually much better than your usual inner-city public house experience. The staff looked too busy, and they needed more people working than they had, but apart from that, it worked fine. There were automatic hand sanitiser dispensers everywhere, making loads more sense than the ones in establishments where you have to press the lid to use it, which defeats the entire object.

I think what I’m trying to say, is that I’m confused. Either it’s dangerous, this Covid, or it’s not. Either you can have streets full of people in the city, or you can’t. Putting a mask on every time you visit the toilet after you’ve touched every surface in the vicinity seems a bit nuts. The fact that we had to stay on a table together, as we were a group, even though we had met up earlier that day from every corner of the country, didn’t matter. We were a bubble, as far as they were concerned. When a seventh buddy turned up, three of us had to sit on the next table to make us into two groups. However, when we left, we all left together, sandwiched in between every other pub leaver at bang on ten when we were booted out. The thing that worried me more, as we waited at the station afterwards for our other colleague to arrive, was that the police who told us to mask up, wouldn’t allow an elderly gent on the train because they made him admit he’d had a drink, so they wouldn’t let him on the platform, because it was dangerous. Leaving him alone in town and not able to get home, was not.

The following night, sharing a taxi with drunk people after an evening event, they had to be told to put their masks on by the poor driver, who clearly was sick of this already. They were drunk, so they put them on, but not properly. Of course not. They’re drunk. So, it’s either safe to let drunk people out, or it’s not. Which is it?

And back to the vaccination thing. Without a trace of irony, people who are up in arms about the Covid vaccine are proving they’re not anti vax per-se, by toddling off for their flu jabs, the research for which is being funded by Bill Gates, the guy they’re all terrified is gonna squirt them with a tracker or a sterilisation bug in a Covid vaccine, when he could have easily done it by administering it to every kid who has their TB jab at thirteen, or with the childhood vaccines that everyone has, or that tetanus that  you have when you tread on a nail or your cat bites you, or indeed, the flu vaccine, which they’re choosing to have. Their argument seems to be that they’ll be forced into a compulsory vaccine. Firstly, our government could never organise anything that efficiently, and secondly, why force you to have a vaccine when you’re happy to have one by choice?

The whole thing is chaos, and everyone is missing the point that as long as profit is in charge of everything that happens, nothing is going to make sense. And so you may as well stop arguing about the wrong things and consider a new society.  

Calm down. The answer is more obvious than you think.


Published by Tess Delaney

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