Left to Rot

So how do we fix this split in the country? Brexit began the schism. There have always been divisions. The old Tory/Labour, Left/Right divisions. The class divisions. But now, the groups that should be together are turning on each other.

Black Lives Matter. That did, within a day, turn into an argument. All lives matter. Then someone integrated colour into the LGBT flag to show solidarity with Black Lives Matter. So then people started to argue about the causes getting mixed, about the flag being wrong. The divides began within moments. White people stage protests. Other people say they’re virtue signalling. Here we are again, arguing over the refugees in the channel.

Is this what happens after the community life gives way to a life of competitive solitude? Why the schadenfreude? We’ve seen a massive split over Covid. The deniers, the lockdown haters, the safety obsessives – all arguing with each other on social media. Aliens passed by, were announced, no-one noticed. Yellowstone rumbled, no one batted an eyelid. Of all the documentaries about what’s going to end the world that I’ve watched, every possible scenario seems to be playing out at the same time. Pandemic. Aliens. Climate. World War. But everyone is arguing about the arguments.

How do we mobilise a people who are determined to turn on each other at every available opportunity? How do we explain that we’re all in the same boat and that if one end jumps up and down, that they’re just as likely to drown as the people they’re trying to cause discomfort to?

Society is breaking down, and it’s not just because of the obvious massive things that are happening on the outside, but because people have somehow decided that hate is the default position.

Have you noticed the difference between the way the those on the Left and the Right treat their heroes? A Left hero makes one mistake, perhaps after many years of perpetually doing the right thing, and they get turned on, vilified, thrown outta town. What do the Right do when one of their number is disgraced? They ignore it. It can be as bad a paedophilia, but what the hell, he’s a good guy, right? Who cares about his personal indiscretions? The Left never forgive. And perhaps that’s why the Right seem to do so well, because they’re so much better than the Left at sticking together through thick and thin.

The Left invent terms like TERF in order to bully the ones who have no idea that it’s now fashionable to accept a certain way of thinking. To me, turf is something you put on the ground when you want a lawn, but to a whole new generation of “The Left” it has become a stick to beat you with, whether you know what it is or not.

How do you mobilise a Left so shattered that it can’t move?

We need to lose those terms Left and Right, and concentrate on what we really want. Socialism. The liberal thing has its place and can be argued about elsewhere. But this is important. This is about class. Socialism won’t come from everyone arguing about everything all day long. Especially when we should be able to see that this is all deliberate fragmentation brought about to stop us doing something useful like starting a revolution against capitalism. It shouldn’t be about anything else other than that. They love watching us fighting. Stop it. Stop fighting.

This isn’t getting us anywhere. We need to mobilise as a class, as a group of people that have collectively been shafted over generations. Not turn Left against Left. It’s not the People’s Front of Judea or the Judean Peoples’ Front. Can we stop getting bogged down in nonsense and just agree on the real issue?

There is so much to be done. But this arguing is such a waste of energy. Why aren’t we joining forces? It’s not about personalities and smears and bullshit anymore. It’s serious now. It’s proper serious. We all agree on what we need. Let’s just do it.


Published by Tess Delaney

I mostly only come out at night... mostly....

2 thoughts on “Left to Rot

  1. *I noticed you’re fortunate enough to have two packets of biscuits, would you be prepared to give me some of those biscuits to give to people who don’t have any biscuits?*
    *no, I worked very hard for these biscuits, they should go out and get their own biscuits*
    *they are less able to get biscuits*
    *not my problem*
    The longer I live, the less confident I am that our *society* is even capable of framing a genuine interdependent social structure of local, accountable governance without complete collapse of the entire existing structure.
    For a brief moment in april and may we saw how that could look, before the misinformation machine rolled over it and reset the default setting to fear and suspicion. Socialism is a voice crying in the wildness until it’s the only choice left, by then we must have a coherent, credible and united voice


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