Please Live Generously

As I write this, Jeremy Corbyn’s crowdfunder is up to a quarter of a million quid. This is quite an incredible thing. It’s pretty heart-warming to see so many people willing to put their money where their mouth is and do what they can to help a guy in his time of need, when he tried to help them during theirs. But did he though? There were many times that Corbyn could have nipped the crisis in the bud that was emerging in the Labour party. He didn’t have to go back on years of what he believed in just in order to appease his detractors. He could have got rid of the whole bally lot of back stabbing Blairite disciples. Never before in history has a leader inspired such a vehement response in the people, and with that support he was Superman, he could have done anything he chase to do.

I think the thing is with our dear Jezza though, is that he’s so bloody nice. I’ve been reading posts on twitter today, telling us not to feel sorry for him, and I totally agree with those posts, but the thing is, it’s impossible not to feel like they’re not bullying your grandad. It’s impossible not to feel the pathos, because he’s so bloody NICE! He makes jam and grows veg and speaks softly and holds elderly peoples’ hands and helps people in his constituency and does all the things that a nice and proper MP should do, including not claiming tons of expenses and bringing shame onto the house with his personal antics. Boris can say piccaninny all he likes, but Jeremy has to apologise for the racism of others or he gets lynched.

I think the establishment will be proper shitting themselves right now, and rightly so. I’m loving their reaction to this campaign that has demonstrated that there’s life in the old radish yet, and without having to even raise a word or his voice, and army has jumped up and formed a moat to protect him.

Some people may call this cultish, and cynically condemn what’s happening. This may be true in some cases, much as I loathe to admit it. Some will blindly follow Corbyn no matter what he does, and history is full of examples which demonstrate that this can be very bad indeed when applied to the wrong leader. Jeremy is harmless enough, so this surge of support is unlikely to result in blood being shed at the command of a leader who has been chosen by the people. Are the Corbynistas a cult? Or are they just real people fed up of the system which they don’t realise the ruling classes would never have let their beloved leader take charge of. He was never meant to be leader, they tried real hard to stop that. They bollocksed up two elections for him, by not allowing him to gently go his way. They wanted to force him to fight, but he tried to compromise and sit on the fence. Now we’re left with Keir Starmer, so wooden he could actually be the fence. And Starmer is going to get rid of his popular opponent no matter what. One almost expects him to sneak in to Jezza’s flat and pour some poison in his ear.

I’m all for the public helping the Corb. I adore the Corb. I forgive him everything. I understand the predicament he was in. I know he’s too nice for parliament. I know that the whole time he was wishing he could be with his cabbages and not have to play let’s be friends with those that hated him and made no secret of it. Let’s keep the old guy safe. I want him to be happy and content. He makes me feel like I want to knit him a jumper and bring him a nice hot cup of tea.

But politically, the Corbyn project is over, and it’s important to realise that he’s not the only one fighting for socialism. Trapped in Labour, there was little he could do. But there are many deserving people waiting in the wings to replace Corbyn and do what he set out to do, who are not trapped by a dead outmoded party that no longer stands for the name it was given. There are some fantastic voices in the political arena right now. It’s important to not get too wrapped up in hero worship and let in new people, who are offering the same as Corbyn – and more – but have the bollocks to actually make this happen.

When I left Labour for the Workers Party of Britain, Labour didn’t even cry. In fact, they didn’t even notice. It took the daft buggers six months to stop emailing me. The Workers Party, being a new party, has no history to contend with. No expectations, no old factions and arguments. Our leader, love him or hate him, George Galloway, has been fighting side by side with Corbyn for most of both their political lives. They were on the same side. George defended Jeremy when no one else did, and like a proper bestie, told him when he was going wrong, instead of licking his arse like the rest of the sycophants. George is just like Jeremy, but he’s the Leo version, the version that might get a bit shouty and angry and incensed, and that’s why he’s so great, cos you can’t keep the bugger down. And you certainly can’t tell him it can’t be done. He would have sacked the Labour dissenters in a heartbeat, and wouldn’t have given a crap if he was forever off their Christmas card list. If you were able to ask Jeremy what he thought, he’d probably say that George is a good bloke. Bear that in mind.

And in case anyone is under any illusions that the Workers Party is all about Georgio, keep an eye out for our deputy leader Joti Brar, who is appearing more and more all over the place, including on Crosstalk on RT, where her Liberty Leading the People style of oratory is winning people over to the party in their droves. Listening to Joti makes me feel like instantly jumping up and grabbing a pitchfork. And we have other members too, rising up like superstars. I listen to them talk at our weekly meetings and I’m amazed at the quality of the contributions. And everyone is allowed to speak. Everyone. The brilliant thing about these Covid-enforced Zoom meetings, is that by the time we meet up, we’ll all know each other really well. Every week our meetings go over time, just because we’re enjoying ourselves.

So I think what I’m trying to say, is this. Personalities make followers, and followers make change possible. Every general needs an army. No-one we follow will be perfect, no matter how nearly perfect they are. Their characters are what make us love and respect them, and make us choose them as leaders. But they have to want to lead. And there have to be people behind them, ready to pick the weapons up when they fall. Corbyn has proved he can muster a whole group of loyal people. But remember, you loved him because of what he represented. Socialism. Also remember – other socialists are available.


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