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When I was nine, I wrote a book. Well, I tried to write a book. It was called The Night Hare and was about some kids and this random hare that fell into a toybox (which I still have) and met Superman, ET, etc (showing my age now…).

It was pretty shit, and I never finished it. It’s still around somewhere. It’s about 15 exercise books sellotaped together with ‘free with Weetabix’ transfers on the cover. Of you know, Superman and ET.

So, I always wanted to be writer, and a writ some stuffs. But back in those days it was a pretty impossible thing to get published. Believe me. I looked. And I tried. Mostly with shit poems. And of course, the old chestnut, what am I gonna write about?

A couple of years ago I wrote my first book, Horsemanship by Osmosis, which the horse world hated, and therefore sold quite well. But it’s a niche subject, and was written more for myself than anything, just to see if I had it in me to kick out a book. I was able to publish on Amazon, because that had become a thing. It’s no longer considered weird to publish your own book. Everyone is doing it.

My recent sojourn into OPD territory gave me the best excuse in the world to write more. In fact, I couldn’t help it. It was the only therapy I had. Luckily, the Pembrokeshire Herald like a bit of controversy and took me on. This gave me the confidence to send my stuff further afield. From this, I got a couple of articles in The Morning Star, which were spotted and reprinted by The Land magazine, who have now asked for regular articles, and the whole thing seems to be snowballing.

As I’m sharing my stuff about the place, I keep getting comments from people who say they’d like to write. These are people that I see on my social media timelines, who have great things to say, bags of character, tons of life experience. And what I want to tell them is this. Do it. It’s never been easier. Computer, gob, wordpress… awesome. Off you go.

Don’t be nervous. There are many people who want to hear what you have to say. My second book is nearly finished. It’s about OPD, obviously. But it won’t be a world best seller. Who the hell cares about my OPD book other than the people attempting One Planet Development and my mum?

The point is, no matter what your experience or your story, there are plenty of people who will identify with you. And once you start, who knows where it can go?

That first crappy book was scribbled down almost forty years ago. And I’ve scribbled a whole bunch of crappy stuff since that no one saw or read, that was lost in journals and diaries and old songbooks and old hard drives and broken memory sticks. It doesn’t matter. It’s all practice. Write what you know. There’s always someone that cares.

And yes, Gloria, and Georgi.

I’m talking to you 😊 x


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